Christiane Meinert

Art Therapist

Christiane is an art therapist and artist. She studied art therapy in Nürtingen, Southern Germany and has a wide range of experience working with adults and children of all ages. She runs her own business, Heute mal anders, where she helps people live a happy and inspired life in addition to expressing themselves.

Christiane has always been fascinated by the healing and inspiring effect which art can have on all of us. She employes professional, artistic and therapeutic skills to help clients experience flow and a deeper understanding  of themselves. Christiane utilizes various techniques including: being creative, letting go of painful feelings and creating new pictures in your mind and  soul. These  pictures in turn, can provide motivation and inspiration for your real life. She encourages women to forge their own path, despite how this journey may look.

Being a mother to two lovely children, Christiane is  very passionate about her work with pregnant woman. She aspires to focus on an enjoyable  pregnancy and promotes a positive view of the upcoming birth. Christiane has a passion for helping mothers feel better after a traumatic birth and to adapt to their new lifes. Open communication, empathy and enthusiam are the corner stones of Christiane's care. Our connection to Mother earth and  nature is crucially important her personal life as well as her work with others